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Commercial Mats

Commercial Mats takes pride in our selection of floor mats options, both custom made and traditional in style. We offer every day top quality commercial floor mats with low pricing and great customer service. Safety is one of course our biggest concerns, so we want to provide you with safety mats and flooring that will keep your most high-traffic areas dry and slip-resistant while still providing aesthetic pleasure to any entryway or outdoor space.

  • Washroom Mat - Deodorization Absorbent Anti Skid MatWashroom Mat - Deodorization Absorbent Anti Skid MatFebruary 15, 2017Our Washroom mat, also can be called urinal floor mats, is disposable toilet floor mats that effectively absorbs moisture and deodorizes interior areas. Designed to provide a convenient solution to wa...view
  • Comfort - PVC Anti Slip Drainage MatComfort - PVC Anti Slip Drainage MatFebruary 15, 2017Comfort tiles are UV stable and are also mold and mildew resistant. Since these plastic drainage mat are vented, they allow water to flow freely through them, helping to create a very slip resistant f...view
  • Action - Absorbent Micro Fiber Carpet MatAction - Absorbent Micro Fiber Carpet MatFebruary 15, 2017Action mat is kind of commercial carpet mats which can be used in both rainy and sunny days. It is designed with excellent absorption properties and can effectively absorb moisture and remove dust. Ea...view
  • Anti Fatigue Mats - Grease Proof Rubber Bubble MatAnti Fatigue Mats - Grease Proof Rubber Bubble MatFebruary 15, 2017Our Anti-fatigue mat is designed and engineered for maximum comfort and safety. Its’ resilient solid rubber construction is built tough to withstand the rigors of daily use. It comes standard with mo...view
  • Print Logo Mats - Custom Print Logo MatPrint Logo Mats - Custom Print Logo MatFebruary 15, 2017Print Logo mats is custom door mats that can be used to turn your traditional floor mat into Unique one. Print mats could be used in commercial premises to enhance your corporate image.FeatureJet prin...view
  • Graphic Inlay Logo Mats - Custom Pattern Logo MatGraphic Inlay Logo Mats - Custom Pattern Logo MatFebruary 15, 2017Laser cuts exact inlays to reproduce crisp, bold and colorful designs. Withstands high foot traffic Inlay process accurately reproduces fonts and images. Common Uses–retail stores, malls, commercial ...view
  • Banner Mats - Sublimation Print Logo MatBanner Mats - Sublimation Print Logo MatFebruary 15, 2017Banner mat uses advanced production technology, and can be made into any photo, pattern, logo, text or brand mark. The grease-proof synthetic rubber backing provides a non-slip product which increase ...view
  • Walk off-PVC Anti Slip Scraper MatWalk off-PVC Anti Slip Scraper MatFebruary 15, 2017Walk off is one of our high traffic floor mats. This modular, premium, multi-function matting product is easy to be installed as a scraper door mat. Walk off can be surface mounted by using our unique...view

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