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Household Floor Mat of Selection of Kitchen Non-slip Mats

The home floor mat is a kind of product that can effectively remove dirt and moisture and keep the floor clean. The elastic soft, the foot feels comfortable, Unique anti-ultraviolet additive, prevent fade and brittle phenomenon, can bear the outdoor environment of the sun and rain. Household floor mat includes toilet antiskid floor mat, kitchen floor mat, enter porch floor mat and so on, The main function is to prevent slippery, dustproof. The material that is chosen in different room floor is different. 

Toilet and kitchen floor mats should pay attention to prevent slipperily, bedroom floor mat should consider its softness and comfort. The following editor will introduce the selection of household floor mat of kitchen non slip floor mat.
In general, for indoor floor mats, the material on the main choice of acrylic, cotton, micro-fiber, for outdoor floor mats, material selection should be with rubber flocking, coconut fiber materials, and other synthetic fiber materials. According to each bedroom partition, a specific explanation is as follows. 
1. Vestibular floor mat: the main purpose of using household floor mat in the foyer is to decontaminate and scrape the sand, preventing the dust bringing into the interior and causing the pollution. So should choose wear-resisting and good decontamination. At the same time , easy clean material to make the floor mat, such like rubber, coconut fiber material, propylon, nylon, polyester, etc.  

2. Porch floor mat: the mat of the porch can act to protect the floor, reduce the wear effect of the floor. So choose a texture is soft, acrylic material which is not easy to drop wool.

3. Toilet floor mats: the floor mat is placed in front of lavabo and bathroom door, is main to absorb water. So should choose a material with cotton qualitative or ultra fine fiber, especially with ultra fine fiber material. The consumer can walk directly on the floor mat after the bath, it not only absorbs water fa but also make people feels very comfortable.

4. Kitchen floor mat: the floor mat is used to prevent water and oil from the kitchen. Suggest using cotton mat here. Because cotton floor mat can absorb water as well as oil, at the same time because it is a natural material, so it is safer to use in the kitchen. In addition, the floor mat of polypropylene is brunet color, dirty is not apparent and easier to clean. The polypropylene floor mat also has an outstanding advantage that the price is general, its material is also super thin and very durable. Using the  PVC backed floor mats in the kitchen, which is easily dirty, is the best option.  

PVC backed floor mats

5. Bedroom floor mat: now more and more people like to put a piece of household floor mat next to the bed, the time can go barefoot when next bed is not easy to catch a cold. Although there is a lot of different material about bed mat in the market, the MHF designer still advises everyone to use cotton qualitative or super fine fiber mat in the bedroom. These two kinds of floor mat are safe and pollution-free, completely eliminate static electricity, and the quality of the material is comfortable, using for bedroom and children room is very perfect.  

6. Balcony, stair way floor mat: floor mat in these two places is mainly anti-slippery, Can choose the acrylic material and skid-proof floor mat.

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