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The Brief Introduction of Grease Proof Mats

Grease proof mats are suitable to be used under the greasy dirt circumstances. The groove at the bottom can increase the friction force in maximum degree with mats.

Grease proof mats are made of natural rubber. The middle hole strengthens the functions of drainage and water discharge, which has a better anti-slip effect.

HexGuard - Non Slip Grease Proof Rubber Hole Mat

At the same time, the materials quality of rubber plus foaming material can enhance relatively the fatigue resistance of products.

1.It can provide greens environmental protection

Rubber mats are consist of natural rubber、synthetic rubber, which has no harm to the environment. When it is burning, it does not produce any toxic fog and is unleaded. It reassures that it is an environmentally friendly product.

2.It has wear resistance、slip resistance and fatigue resistance

It is made of natural gum and nitrile rubber, owing to good properties of wear resistance and greasy resistance. It can be used for a long time. Excellent elasticity and slip resistance can lower the damages caused by collision, ensuring the safety effectively. Because of the elasticity of rubber and anti-slip property, it can relieve the impact force. Meanwhile, it can greatly reduce the degree of fatigue for the operators.

3.It has the property of electrostatic prevention

In the modern buildings which are filled with equipment, the static problem becomes more and more obvious. Many environments such as workshop of electronic instrument、chemical production base、computer room and power plant are bothered with the static. Rubber mats can disperse the accumulation of static validly. It is the best material of the pavement for protecting the areas from static.

4.It has rich color matching

The rubber mats are colorful and have varieties of types, satisfying the requirements of bright color and graceful designs of many places like office block、hotels and mansions、kindergartens and exhibition room, etc.

5.It has a wide range of application

The rubber mats can be widely applied in kitchens、gymnasiums、pleasure grounds、gardens in the houses、fitness centers、decks in vessels、schools、office buildings、public paths、hospitals、cleaning shops、labs、electronic plants、computer rooms and power plants, etc.

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