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The Cleaning And Maintenance of Toilet Door Mat

The door of the toilet is an extremely easy dirty place. So we usually spend a lot of time cleaning. But a lot of experienced owners will put a floor mat in the doorway of the toilet. The main effect of the floor mat is to remove the soil and water from the foot at the entrance to keep the house clean; It is also used for slippery areas to prevent slippery, Although the floor mat is very important. But it also needs cleaning and maintenance. 

One. What kind of toilet doormat is good?
The effect is very good to choose bamboo fiber material for toilet floor mat. Bamboo fiber or anti-slip mats are both good. But the most important is to choose the kind of slippery, the comparison absorbs water and well clean. Be careful not to choose that kind of mat that have a lot of bacteria that will be very difficult to clean The toilet floor mat that has anti-skid, absorb water, do not smell, durable and so on is the rubber material.

toilet floor mat

Two. Toilet floor mat cleaning method.
There are two main ways of floor cleaning, Now the floor mat is basically the two ways: One is called water extraction method, and the other is the dry bubble cleaning method, Let's take a closer look at the steps of these two ways of cleaning. 

1. Water extraction method.
The water extraction method is suitable for application of synthetic fiber floor mat: Vacuum the whole mat with a vacuum cleaner first. With special detergent which is especially the needle spray to every part of the mat, after a quarter of an hour's time, the stain will from the fiber, then wash with washing machine to smoke again, it is best to smoke wash two times, and then with water absorption machine blot moisture to wait for mat dry, You can also use hair dryer to slow down the process.

2. Dry bubble cleaning method.
Dry bubble cleaning method is more suitable for pure wool mat: the first step is also a vacuum aspiration, As pure wool mat is easier to leave oil stains, fruit stains, etc., This can use special cleaner for disposal of the parts, use mat bubble cleaner to dry scrubbing the mat, but mat side corner of the need to use hand brush disposal, after several times to scrub mat, use comb tools to mat hair, so that we can guarantee the appearance of the floor mat, at the same time with a vacuum cleaner sucked the dirt and dry bubble crystal, then wait mat dried up.

Three. Floor mat maintenance:
1.When the weather is good, you need to get extra sunlight to kill germs, Temporary Housing in the room, if meets moist air, can become moldy easily.
2.Dry immediately after washing to keep dry.
3.Not careful to touch oil mark, paint, etc., wash immediately, make sure clean, avoid bad smell.

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