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What kind of materials is best for kitchen floor mat? And how to select?

[abstract] A kitchen is a place where every home wash vegetables and cook the meals, thus it is often a mess. Choose a better floor mat in the kitchen is not only non-slip and beautiful but also can relief fatigue effectively, Make you feel very comfortable in the kitchen. What kind of materials is best for kitchen floor mat and how to select? Let's have a look.

What kind of materials is best for kitchen floor mat?
Generally speaking, kitchen floor mats should have dual characteristics of the anti-fatigue mat and kitchen mat, can achieve practical results in cleaning and beautiful, prevent slipperily and relieve fatigue. Many choices can have, such as cotton mat, natural rubber, polypropylene fiber and morphology, the benefits of the multi-functional kitchen mat with anti-fatigue, bibulous, non-slip and oil resistance.

kitchen floor mats

Let's take a look at what materials about kitchen floor mat is in the market.
1. Nylon: good wear resistance, easy to clean, but easy to deform and produce static electricity, and when meet fire can be partially dissolved.
2. Polyester: the wearability is second only to acrylic, heat resistant and sundry. Polypropylene: light, flexible and strong; Rich raw materials, good wear resistance, and low price.
3. Acrylic: soft, warm and resilient; The texture is soft, the color is soft, it is not easy to lose the wool, and the back has the anti-slip design. But the absorbent is not strong, the wearability is bad.
4. Cotton: pure cotton material, strong water absorption, Material plasticity is good, can do different stereo design change, clean is very convenient; It can be used with anti slip floor mats.
5. Ultrafine fiber: 1.5 to 2 times more absorbent than cotton, Fiber is 1/10 of pure cotton. The tactile is softer, the fiber density is very small, it is not easy to attach dirty, maintain clean more convenient.
6. Coconut fiber: recycled from natural coconut fiber; Environmental protection and durability, natural color plus color printing; It can remove dirt and easy cleaning.
7. Rubber flocking: good drainage, durable, beautiful, long service life; It can not only stop slippery, but also help to remove dirt and silt, and it is very convenient to clean. 

anti slip floor mats.

How to select kitchen floor mat? 
1. Use the mat in the kitchen is in order to stop the water and oil into living quarters. Suggest using the cotton mat. Because of cotton mat bibulous oil-absorbing good, It is the natural material at the same time, the use of more security in the kitchen.
2. Cotton floor mat also has an outstanding advantage, namely, the price is low, The price of same natural ultrafine fiber material floor mat is about 1.5 times than cotton floor mat. Use cotton mat in the kitchen doesn’t matter even a regular change.
3. In addition, kitchen floor mat should be more brunet color, make dirty, not obvious, cleaning is easier.

So many introductions for the kitchen floor mat, you should have a certain understanding of the relevant knowledge. The choice of kitchen floor mat is also important in the daily life. A good kitchen floor mat can alleviate fatigue as well as bring beauty. Pay attention to its material and performance in the process of shopping. But you will also have to go on a field trip.

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