FloorGuard Matting Manufacturing Co. Limited
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FLOORGUARD matting manufacturing company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RISMAT Group which established in Shanghai in 2012.

As a fully automatic modern factory, FLOORGUARD presently employs only approximately 40 full time staff, however the production capacity value can reach over 200 million yuan per year. The facility comprises several buildings at approximately 6,400 square meter.

The factory consists of tufting, prepping, manufacturing, packaging, and warehousing as well as office and QC space for support staff.

Main major matting product manufactured at this location consists of cotton, nylon, polypropylene, polyester, and rubber

Our core manufacturing equipment includes tufting machines, rubber-back bonding press, PVC backing process line, rubber mould forming presses, laser edging and cutting flatbed machine, large-scale inkjet print press for logo mats;

Testing equipment comprises of high-caliber digital scales, flow meter, rotorless curometer, pH tester, and viscosity tester.

FloorGuard’s production capacity encompasses:

• Cotton mats – 38,000 sq/meters per month

• Nylon mats – 14,000 sq/meters per month

• Polypropylene – 20,000 sq/meters per month

• Polyester -20,000 sq/meters per month

• Pvc mat-20,000 Pcs per month

• Rubber mats-3,000 pcs per month

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FLOORGUARD’s eco-matting products includes commercial high-end advertising/logo mats, industrial heavy-duty mats, automobile trendy mats and residential home green eco-mats.

It can be used at a variety of floor conditions such as hotels, commercial & residential properties, factories, schools, hospitals & research labs and other public or residential areas.

FLOORGUARD bring you safe, functional, durability, easy maintenance and esthetics matting products everyday.

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