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Traffic Mats

The traffic mats are designed to outperform through increased durability and better brush off function. Those PVC mats are modular and UV resistance, can be used at any exterior area and under all-weather conditions. Conveniently placed door mats allow guests to wipe their shoes before entering. Such traffic anti slip mats are suitable at airports, universities, hospitals, department stores, shopping malls, train stations, etc.

  • First Guard-PVC Anti Slip Modular MatFirst Guard-PVC Anti Slip Modular MatFebruary 15, 2017First Guard is kind of our high traffic mats. This modular, multi-purpose flooring tile product is frequently installed as an anti-slip door mat also applied to a variety of other industrial or commer...view
  • Walk off-PVC Anti Slip Scraper MatWalk off-PVC Anti Slip Scraper MatFebruary 15, 2017Walk off is one of our high traffic floor mats. This modular, premium, multi-function matting product is easy to be installed as a scraper door mat. Walk off can be surface mounted by using our unique...view
  • Flexi Guard 99-Premium PVC High Traffic MatFlexi Guard 99-Premium PVC High Traffic MatFebruary 15, 2017Flexi Guard 99 is one of our high traffic door mats. It provides an innovative combination of a revolutionary matting system which prevents up to 85% of walked-in dust and grit. This modular, premium ...view
  • Super Guard-PVC Anti Slip Shoe ScraperSuper Guard-PVC Anti Slip Shoe ScraperFebruary 15, 2017Super Guard is our enhanced, modular PVC floor mat. It is frequently installed as a scraper mat where aggressive scraping tines are required. Used as an outdoor entrance mat or fitted in mat wells, it...view

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