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Safety Mats

Safety mats are used as personal protection within the dangerous area around presses, robots, production lines, machines and etc. Such rubber mats are not only with anti-skid mat function but anti-fatigue.

  • HexGuard - Non Slip Grease Proof Rubber Hole MatHexGuard - Non Slip Grease Proof Rubber Hole MatFebruary 15, 2017HexGuard is special thickening industrial floor mats which can repel grease, water, and other slippery materials so your employees don't fall as they're working. They also make standing more comfortab...view
  • 1/2''  Slip Guard - Non Slip Rubber Hole Mat1/2'' Slip Guard - Non Slip Rubber Hole MatFebruary 15, 2017Specially designed for occupational protection, 1/2’’ slip guard is the safety floor mats which help to protect your employees. Nitrile rubber compound can resist oil makes 1/2’’ slip guard anti s...view
  • 1/4'' Slip Guard - Non slip grease proof rubber mat1/4'' Slip Guard - Non slip grease proof rubber matFebruary 15, 20171/4’’ slip guard is an excellent non slip mats that is ideal for long runs where a low profile mat is needed for cart traffic and traction and basic anti-fatigue relief is required.Application1/4’...view
  • First Guard  - PVC Anti Slip Modular MatFirst Guard - PVC Anti Slip Modular MatFebruary 15, 2017First Guard is kind of safety door mats, ideal for decks, change room, spas and entrance area. The open structure of this floor tile allows dirt and liquids to flow underneath the tile. That non slip ...view
  • Caution Mats - Sublimation Print Logo MatCaution Mats - Sublimation Print Logo MatFebruary 15, 2017Caution Mats (safety message mats) prevent dirt, debris and water from being tracked in while alerting those around the area of potential dangers or caution that must be exercised. Caution mats combin...view

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