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Installation Technology

  • Viking Tile Mat Well InstallationViking Tile Mat Well InstallationMarch 15, 2017Tools required: Straight edge, hammer, utility knife, safety gloves. Easy to install, stays in place, simple to remove and clean, great cleaning action, heel-safe, quiet and comfortableview
  • Rismat (FloorGuard) product installationsRismat (FloorGuard) product installationsMarch 15, 2017Beautiful installations, highly functional, happy customers!view
  • Installation Slide ShowInstallation Slide ShowMarch 15, 2017Recent Rismat (FloorGuard) installations in the Toronto area.view
  • Rismat (FloorGuard) Mat well installationsRismat (FloorGuard) Mat well installationsMarch 16, 2017Change out those annoying, noisy and useless aluminum mat well grids with our modular PVC system - they're heel-safe*, comfortable, quiet and easy to maintain.view
  • Viking Tile AssemblyViking Tile AssemblyMarch 16, 2017Easy and effective Viking tile assembly. All you need is a light duty hammer! The tiles lock together until you need to separate them. They are rugged, heel-safe, power-wash safe, and will never rust ...view
  • Superguard Scrub Tile AssemblySuperguard Scrub Tile AssemblyMarch 16, 2017SuperGuard tiles are easy to assemble. Simply turn upside down to connect tiles and edges. Turn back over to ensure they're locked together and put this rugged scrub tile to work!view
  • Viking Mat Tile with edging Install VideoViking Mat Tile with edging Install VideoMarch 16, 2017Our super strong Viking tiles are easy to install and use. Contact us for specifications and information on Viking and our other Primary Matting options for exterior areas, vestibules, mat wells and m...view

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