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Elevator Mats/Elevator Floor Mats

Elevator mats are a sure way to prevent accidental damage and high repair costs. In both passenger and freight elevators, these elevator floor mats provide a first line of defense against dirt. Such elevator carpet is equally as essential, helping to keep elevator floors from accumulating unwanted scratches, nicks, and damage over years of use. 

  • Action - Absorbent Micro Fiber Carpet MatAction - Absorbent Micro Fiber Carpet MatFebruary 15, 2017Action mat is kind of commercial carpet mats which can be used in both rainy and sunny days. It is designed with excellent absorption properties and can effectively absorb moisture and remove dust. Ea...view
  • Cero - Absorbent Microfiber Nylon  Carpet MatCero - Absorbent Microfiber Nylon Carpet MatFebruary 15, 2017Backed with PVC compound or rubber for long-lasting commercial grade performance, Cero are designed as luxury floor mats which is beautiful and durable. Cero is available in a wide variety of colors a...view
  • Armor - Absorbent Micro Fiber Carpet MatArmor - Absorbent Micro Fiber Carpet MatFebruary 15, 2017The Armor mat has smooth polypropylene cut pile carpet surface with a compound PVC backing and edging strip on all sides. This microfiber drying mat will absorb light spills and moisture tracked by fe...view

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