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Floor Pollution Control Matting System

Up to 80% of dirt in commercial and building place is carried in by pedestrian traffic. Floorings are the most abused element in any facility. On hard floors abrasive dirt particles scrape and damage the surface. The foot traffic of 1,500 people can remove 42% of the floor’s finish, and 95% of all carpet appearance problems are caused by soil and traffic patterns. Rismat group (the parent company of FloorGuard) has developed a new range of products, offering a complete solution to all flooring problems.

The Floor Pollution Control Matting System is a designed to prevent dirt and dust from entering our premises by uncontrolled foot traffic. Instead of leaning up foot traffic messes by using more staff, using up more water resources, and dumping more chemicals into our rivers and oceans, by adapting our method, you an greatly help the environment and at the same time achieve considerable cost savings while increasing profitability. With the Floor Pollution Control System, you can reduce labor and material resources.

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