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Kitchen Mats

Designed to reduce fatigue from standing in the kitchen for long periods of time, Floorguard’s kitchen room mats are medically proven to promote better posture and proper circulation. Different from the traditional kitchen rugs, these kitchen carpet absorb and distribute weight evenly so working in the kitchen for hours at a time becomes easier and more efficient. Perform kitchen duties in style and in comfort!

  • Anti Fatigue Kitchen MatsAnti Fatigue Kitchen MatsFebruary 16, 2017Our Anti fatigue kitchen mats can make you stay comfortable while you cook or do dishes with the kitchen comfort mats and Runners. These commercial grade mats are made with polyester needle felt and g...view
  • Magic Mats (Home) - Absorbent Microfiber Cotton Carpet MatMagic Mats (Home) - Absorbent Microfiber Cotton Carpet MatFebruary 16, 2017Magic Mats are a superior house floor mats for absorbing dirt, oil and water, capturing dirt and moisture at the door while protecting floors and carpets from costly damage. They help to prevent aller...view

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