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TUV Rheinland identification of enterprises status

RISMAT, an eco-matting solution company was established in 1993 in Hong Kong and entered into Shanghai, China in 1994. We have developed the two new concepts for the floor pollution control system and the occupational health & safety system for the past two decades, and continue innovating for the eco-matting system through our advanced research and high-quality manufacturing. We received the ISO9001 quality certificate and the ISO14000 environment certificate.

Our eco-matting products are designed and built through the concept of safety, efficiency, eco-green, specialty, service and standard to meet customers’ needs, which can be used at a variety of floor conditions such as high-end hotels, commercial & residential properties, factories, schools, hospitals & research labs and other public areas for floor pollution control and occupational health & safety systems. Our eco-friendly floor mat can bring full protections to your floors through a cost-effective way and multi-functional solutions, and they have been widely recognized and used today.

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